About Me

This is what I do.

I like dealing with different topics that generate serious feelings in the listener. I say whatever the situation, in the end I'm the ones who makes the decision of whether to think of the situation in a positive, delighted mood or not. I like positive endings that have morals to teach.
This slight stubbornness is shown in the cat logo, too. The idea came when this one time in Riga, Latvia at a Choir Olympics event I saw a metal cat on top of a church that inspired me so much that I had a similar logo made.
I have been playing music, learning to play the piano the guitar and to sing since I was a child and I love nature.
This is why I named my style of music "Forest".
I have releases in Italy, in the Netherlands and in Poland, but I prefer my own releases at the moment.

I claim to be an independent musician. I don't like being restricted to a single style, but with my instruments
I try to stick to Forest style, love discovering new moods and harmonies.
What my future plans are is still to be discovered...